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Master the material with personalized lectures and exercises. Zinkerz content is created by test experts who know the tricks you'll need to get your ideal score.

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Master the material with personalized lectures and exercises. Zinkerz content is created by test experts and is optimized for the latest version of each exam.


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I've tried several TOEFL® courses, and this is one of the best. They have a very helpful mobile app and web platform that guides you through the preparation process. 

Best source to study for the TOEFL®. Exercises and passages are just like the real thing. I got a 104 score and I prepared with Zinkerz only. 

Thank you so much for creating such a great tool. It is nice and easy to use. I love that everything is so organized for me. Highly recommended!

Stanley Stoll

Zinkerz TOEFL® Student

Almina Hernendez

Alberto Dinez


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Zinkerz TOEFL® Student

Zinkerz TOEFL® Student

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